Arshak Varzhapetyan
Co-Founder & Chairman

Mr Arshak Varzhapetyan became Chairman of “HELPS CONSULTING” LLC from the date of foundation․ He participated in the foundation work and she is a Large shareholder in the company.
Mr. Varzhapetyan specializes in auditing, finance and accounting. He is a qualified auditor by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance of theRA and the ACCA UK. He is an academic postgraduate researcher, the author of several economic terms and new approaches.

Sona Khachatryan
Co-Founder &  CEO

Ms Sona Khachatryan became Chief Executive Officer of “HELPS CONSULTING” LLC  from the date of foundation․ She participated in the foundation work and she is a small shareholder in the company.
Ms. Khachatryan is more specialized in the field of marketing and social media. He coordinates the general activities of the company.


Ruzan Muradyan
Head of Accounting team/Department, Chief Accountant

Ms. Muradyan has joined the team since 2022. She coordinates the entire accounting department of the company and is the main accounting partner of the company.
Ms. Muradyan specializes in both the public and private sectors. She is a qualified accountant by a number of institutions.