Dear Customer

“HELPS CONSULTING” LLC will take care of your organization’s entire accounting process. The accurate financial reports, as well as the accounting system, are of high importance at any company’s activty.

We will conduct accounting in accordance with the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as a complete transition to accounting policies of the entity, current and amended IFRSs.

Regardless of organizational-legal form and size, each organization faces the challenges of modernization and internationalization change. With all these challenges, we will provide consultation with the most optimal solution.

This moment company provides high quality consulting and accounting services to small, medium and large organizations. In particular:
– Financial, tax and managerial accounting,
– Financial analysis, budget planning and strategy development,
– Development and implementation of accounting policy, assessment of compliance with IFRSs,
– Consulting on the implementation of the control and internal audit service,
– Other comprehensive and separate consultations.
Our experienced professionals will provide you consultaion on the financial status and sustainability of the organization, the prospective development paths, and other key components. The members of the company have been granted certificates by the most reputable international and local organizations․

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